I Kicked A Cloud Once With The Groovin’ LaMonica Remix

LamonicaRemixesI Kicked A Cloud Once is one of those producers who is separated by an ocean, but whose music is always so on point we keep him close on the interwebs. Every time he drops a tune, we’re quick to grab it and nab it for our own libraries as well as for possible postings.

Following up on the 3rd installation of John LaMonica’s Machines EP (HERE) Remixes (1st tune, 2nd tune) I wanted to get a beatsmith on this remix, he was one of the first I contacted. And as you can see, he ripped it up quite nicely. The tune is a darker groove, but so awesome that dark or not, you have to love it.  He took my personal favorite tune, “Dylan” and made it a bouncier, beat heavy affair.  The original was the bonus track off the EP, and it was even then a different vibe to the other 4 tunes, but that’s what I liked so much about it.

As for IKACO, the Danish producer, now based in Germany, is one of those beatmakers who can dig into any vibe and destroy.  Chill, or hype, IKACO can do good things.   Even if you don’t quite understand the genre he’s in, you do know you enjoy it.  He’s a talented producer who’s really on the cusp of doing good, good things.

Enjoy the remix below, the latest in the weekly remix drop, and follow the man on his Soundcloud, and Facebook, and show him some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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