Goldbloc Mining That Black Gold

goldblocOk I can’t sit on this any longer.  Goldbloc, whom I stumbled upon around the beginning of the year and who I was totally intending to blog, but didn’t, quite regrettably, is now going to get their due props.  A duo out of Boston, this producer-vocalist twosome has an EP out from 2 months ago, and when I say it’s one of the better things I’ve heard in a good long while, well that’s no hyperbole, folks.  The vocals of Solei and the production of Goldenhaus brings out some seriously emotive music.  When Solei sings, there is some serious soulful vibes happening, stirring your guts, and the two together reminds of some Tricky, some Massive Attack, and even some Portishead.  Sure sure, there are more recent duos who I could point to and compare, but for some reason the older groups are who come to mind.  Maybe I’m stuck in a nostalgic mood?  But whatever the case, Goldbloc has serious skills, a seriously powerful vibe, and serious serious potential.   Seriously.

Below are three of my favorite tracks from the EP, but for the last track of the EP, you’ll have to go to their Facebook or Soundcloud to get the 4th ace tune ‘Dreams of Mine’.

Goldbloc – Black Gold by Goldbloc

Goldbloc – Days Are Dreaming by Goldbloc

Goldbloc – Runaway by Goldbloc

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