FOGwavesFogpak, the great label from Japan has paired up with the good good people of SVNSET WAVES to give us a massive 49 track compilation (HERE) featuring artists from both sides. Oh yeah, you read that right. I said 49 tracks, from 49 different artists no less. This is a massive collection of young and up and coming producers whom many of you might have heard of a few, but if you don’t find an artist here who you’d never heard before and want to hear more, well either you put this compilation together or your ears need to be opened wide.

So with 49 artists it’s hard to digest in one sitting. But, if you have a road trip, a big school exam to study for, or have to push through 8 hours of work tedium, you can rip through this easy. You will, in the process, find new artists from new locales, get some feels you might never have known existed, and just generally get into some good shit.

Three tunes from 49 is a little like getting just a glimpse of a bare ankle at a strip show, but you all need to go to the Bandcamp, download and dig in to get the true power of it all. While there are artists on here that you know (and have given great tunes for the compilation) like Path, and Kouben, I want to expose you to some artists you haven’t heard on hee before. One artist I can’t even say the name, nor provide any information on because I cannot read Japanese. But whatever the case, it’s a good tune and one that you will need to check out, somehow, some way.

R.L.S.X.D(from FOGPAK #9 ft. SVNSET WΛVES) by effexxx

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