Flow-Fi Is That New Heat

flow-fiFlow-Fi is a collective that has just popped up recently and already, the roster of artists that are in th fold is impressive. Not only is Abstract Youth, the creator and one of the strongest of the crew, he’s also a dope dude. Not only have I had good dealins with him, but speaking to some of the artists who have joined, they all have glowing things to say as well. Always helps to have a personable and easy to work with guy in the middle of things.

Not only is this collective bringing together great artists, but the tunes that are brought to the fore are of such high quality that they curate the tunes of the curated artists, giving you a double brewed, twice filtered cut of tunes, vibes and feels. They really are some good music from some good people. And I haven’t even explored them all as of yet, which is the scary thing. But I will, and I will be following them intently on their Soundcloud, and Twitter, as should you all.

So enjoy the last three tunes they’ve posted for us all to enjoy from PATH, Rvdical The Kid & MisterMack, and kuma & Telescope Thieves, and keep those Flow-Fi dudes in your sights. They won’t disappoint.

P A T H – F a u l t by Flow-Fi

Rvdical the Kid & MisterMack – Ethereal by Flow-Fi

kuma & Telescope Thieves – Control by Flow-Fi

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