FlamesYall Shows NoConnery

FlamesConneryFlamesYall is one of those dudes that pops up every now and then with the dopeness, even though you may not have known he was going to drop anything. Then one morning you wake up and there’s an EP from him. He’s a beatsmith who producers for rappers, and as you can see below, remixes others so dopely. He has history with Scroobius Pip, and I love them both so this remix is so so good. He must have been in a Spring Cleaning mood as well, because not only did he throw down this new joint, ‘NoConnery’, and the older Scroobius remix, but he completely flipped his Soundcloud to just have his singles and remixes and the like. If you’re wondering where his other works have gone, just check his Bandcamp because they’re all there.

The tune NoConnery is a preview of one to come from a Ragland mixtape. Featuring the sounds of underground Soul legend, Lou Ragland, and the rapping styles of such guys as Tokyo Cigar, JaiThinks, Backyard Bully, Chiefsuneye, Slum Pritt!, Steel910, Jeff Spec, and Burgundy Brick

So yeah, enjoy this hip hop shizz for your Monday, because as we all know, we need all the help we can get on Mondays.

NoConnery(Feat.TokyoCigar) by FlamesYall

ScroobiusPip:GoldTeeeth(FlamesYallRemix) by FlamesYall

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