EVV Is Right Where He Should Be

We posted EVV late last year, and since then he’s been making moves. Big moves, but moves that don’t always see the light of day on his Soundcloud. The fact that he’s an accomplished guitarist and singer, and can make his way around a DAW, is also worth mentioning. This cover of Skream’s tune featuring Sam Frank turns the original sexy dance tune into a sexy sultry get busy tune. I’m sorry, but this cover is just a deal closer.  Anyone who needs a deal closed, pop this in your playlist. The 80’s had Prince and Sade, the 90’s had Babyface and R Kelly, the 00’s had Usher, now you gots this song.

You think EVV is just some dude who can pluck a few chords and sing a few bars?  But nah he’s much more than all of that. The dude has got chops and he’s showing ’em off in this song, but not laying it out on the table at once. You will see more as he starts putting out a few more tunes here and there.  Believe me, this guy has so much more in his bag.

SO yeah, give the dude a follow on his Soundcloud and his Facebook, and let’s all see where he takes us next.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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