Elaksi Comes With Weekly Wax vol. 2

weeklywax2squareElaksi is a producer who has been making the blog rounds lately (Remember this one?).  He’s shown up on the blog for his version of chilled out bass and trap that we all love so much and he’s not slowing down any time soon.  You don’t hear of too many Finnish producers and he’s not trying to ‘put Finland on the map’, he’s just trying to make good music for us all to enjoy.  And succeeding at just that.

He was kind enough to shoot over a quick mix to showcase some of the tunes he’s been jamming to as of late and it’s a great way to get introduced to his taste and his vibe. The tunes here show that not only does he have great taste in music, but he lets that taste influence his own productions. I mean come on, when the mix starts off with a Cardigans remix, you know you’re gonna get some goodies in here.

So check the mix, enjoy it, and give Elaksi a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook). He has many more tunes coming our way and I cannot wait to hear them all!

Elaksi – Waxhole Weekly Wax vol. 2 by Waxhole

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