Elaide & 13thn With The Exclusive

elaideElaide is a producer who was introduced to me by LAPLACE when he sent me a remix of one of his tunes (below).  Being a fan of LAPLACE’s, I was instantly intrigued by this upstart who dared remix such a stellar original tune.  Then when I hit play I was very impressed.  This guy hit one out of the park, but, to be fair, he had a good tune to start with. I remembered hitting play on the next tune on his Soundcloud wondering if he’d fly or flop. And that next tune was as good as the LAPLACE remix! So I hit the Follow button and started to eagerly watch out for new tunes from him to drop ever since.

This tune, he and 13thn let us host the tune as an exclusive, which as you can hear is a lush piece that utilizes both producers’ talents.  I do thank Elaide for introducing me to 13thn, who has a good number of tunes on his Soundcloud that are totally worth checking out.

So enjoy the tune, get to know Elaide and 13thn, and get ready to hear more from these talented producers. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from these talents.

Elaide & 13thn – Dream Coil (Waxhole Exclusive) by Waxhole

LAPLACE – Murmurs (Elaide Remix) by Elaide

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