Bwoy de Bhajan Gets Glitchy With Dylan

LamonicaRemixesFollowing up to our previous three weeks of remixes (week 1, week 2, week 3), Bwoy de Bhajan brings us one of those seriously complex glitchy things that I love oh so much.   It’s a great addition to the already stellar remixes that have come in and it fits with the overall pack as a style and feel that just has not bee represented yet.
He was a late addition to this remix pack as I stumbled upon him and his work after the process of gathering remixes had started. The tune that he included in a compilation (HERE) is what did it and I ripped into his back catalogue thoroughly and repeatedly ever since.  And once I heard this producer’s use of textures and ambient atmosphere in all of his works, interweaving so perfectly with melody after melody, I knew I had to get him on board.

He’s a great producer whose releases are all so damned good and so damned complex that you need subsequent listenings to gather every little bit. And when the tunes are so good, those subsequent listens are always worth the time.

So give this tune a listen, check out the free download (HERE), give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook, Youtube) and show him some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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