Bronze Whale And Khai Bring Us Weird Dark Things

wdtThe production duo Bronze Whale has been a constant feature here on the blog, but they are now putting this single out on Waxhole Records.  This single featuring the great vocals of Khai (available HERE), is not only a wonderfully complex and deep tune, but one that is a portent to come.  The tune is a wonderful single that is as beefy as it is sexy. If you have any females wandering around while you listen to this, be aware they just might become pregnant.

This tune is a potent mix of the wonderful vocals of Khai (who we will be hearing more from oh so very soon), and the trapped out chillness we’ve all come to love from BW.  The bass hums underneath and the drop, understated and swelling giving you the feeling of crowdsurfing a large and boisterous crowd. You know you’re going to be carried for a good bit, so you lay back, face to the ceiling/sky, and enjoy the jostling, but steady movement, enduring the eddies, and heart leaping at the sudden leaps into the air. The song is a soundtrack to reliving that feeling as the tune just builds and builds until you’re eyes are closed, bottom lip bit, and your hands are inadvertently reaching to the sky. If you’re like me and you can’t get enough, just hit that replay button, hit up the tune (HERE) for a quick quid, and voila! it’s forever in your arsenal.

So enjoy the tune, get to know Bronze Whale (Soundcloud, Facebook), and show them some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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