BeauDamian’s Saga Begins

BeaudamianIf you took a listen to the Subp Yao mix from last week, you will have heard a lot of exclusives and freshies and one of them came from BeauDamian’s then upcoming EP, which has dropped today. Now, getting to listen to the EP early made it plain to see that when it dropped, it was going to drop like a 100 pound weight on the aural toes of your…ear foot? Ok I should have thought out that a bit better, but yeah this EP has a bunch of everything. If you thought ‘Majora’, the tune in the Subp Yao mix, was to be the standard fare throughout, you’d be sadly mistaken. There is laidback synthy jams, presenting an almost Purple feel without the west coast bass undertones. There is also “Amuru’, a Yoshii laden tune that hits me right on the nostalgia bone, and then of course the heavy booming Majora, which is still my favorite tune of the bunch. The other tunes alternate between Boss Stage soundtrack to absolute bass bombs and you love every minute of it.

The tunes come from BeauDamian, who granted I hadn’t followed too closely before late last year, but now am fully in his camp. Not only is he a great producer, but he’s a good dude as well. Plus if I can talk sport with a producer (even if he/she is a fan of Ajax ^spit^) that makes it all the better!

So check the tunes below for just a taste of the goodness of the EP, grab that EP (HERE), and give BeauDamian a follow (Soundcloud, Twitter)

02 BeauDamian – Amuru by Doggtown Records

03 BeauDamian – Majora by Doggtown Records

04 BeauDamian – Tokyo’s Key by Doggtown Records

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