AZTEK Gets Down With The Ender

AZTEKAZTEK is back ladies and gentlemen. He had a setback last year right when he was ready to unleash fire upon the world. Long story short, producers, back that shit up! But yes he is back and he is ready to start dropping bombs on all of us. Now, if you don’t know AZTEK, well he’s one of those guys who specializes in the future beats, those that don’t follow any convention, but don’t go off the reservation either and compels you to get down with every fiber.

So these three tunes below are from AZTEK’s 6 track EP named ‘Ender’ off of Them Flavors label out of his hometown of Chicago. It belies the fact that this dude is just getting started. This EP is just the beginning, given all the backlog of work he’s got. The Three tunes I’ve highlighted below vary in vibe from straight dank and dirty trappy wonkybeats un ‘Bring It Back’ to beautiful atmosphere and feels with the title track, ‘Ender’. With the rest of the tunes falling between the two on th spetrum, this is one EP that will not leave you bored.

So clock the three tunes below, cop the EP HERE, and by all means get to know AZTEK (Soundcloud, Facebook) to show the dude some love!

Bring It Back by ˚∆ZTEK˚

Ender by ˚∆ZTEK˚

Anklung by ˚∆ZTEK˚

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