At Home In Dekai’s Era

DekaiEraDekai, one of the members of the great Salt Lake City label Damn Son and overall good dude, just dropped his latest EP, ‘Era’. The artwork is quite dope and probably something that catches your eye straight away. But the music is what holds you. It’s deep, dark, heavy, and full of bass that keeps yu really enjoying all the way through.

As a metal kid jammin to Tool, he started into the electronic scene when dubstep was taking over everywhere. But he’s moved on and while there are still elements of dubstep and metal, he’s forging ahead in his own genre and sound. Thankfully not trying to conform to one genre or another, he’s given us a full spate of just about everything other than chillout. And for Dekai who’s a metalhead at heart, who the fuck needs chill?

As a bonus I’m icluding a dope remix of a Puscifer tune he did a few days ago and pairing this with the EP, you will see this guy is only getting started. So grab the EP (HERE) and give Dekai a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Of Ancients (Intro) by dekai

Era (Don’t Give Up) by dekai

Puscifer – Potions (Dekai Remix) – FREE DOWNLOAD by dekai

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