AMB Never Went Anywhere

AMBAMB, one of the first artists that I featured on the blog waaaaay back in 2011 (!!) has been steady grinding, groovin, and just generally being a badass.  This producer from HUngary is one of those pro’s that has seen a lot, done a lot, and knows a whole helluva lot.  So for me when I look back at his catalogue and my coverage of him, I get a bit sad because he deserves all of the exposure we can give.  Then when he dropped the dope remix of the theme song from True Detective, I was hit right in the chest by not only the remix at hand, but the original he chose to work over.  Pair all of that with the fact that the show was no longer on the air, and well it was too much.  I’ve listened to the tune probably a dozen times now (sorry for the play spike, AMB!) and I always am left looking for the replay.

The other two tunes below are from a two track EP off of Simplify (HERE), and the 4th submission below is from a mix he put together for MR2 Radio.  So much music to rip through, and I know he’s got so much more coming so give him a follow (Official Site, Soundcloud) and show him some love, yeah?

Oh and if you want mastering work done, he’s got you covered there as well.  One of his works was the DRRTYWULVZ EP we dropped just a few weeks ago, so yeah, he’s got you covered, no matter what side of the business you’re on.

The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road (AMB bootleg) by AMB

AMB – Kerfuffle by Simplify Recordings

AMB – Snuffle by Simplify Recordings

AMB – MR2 Radio Exclusive Mix [Free Download] by AMB

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