Stayin Awake For Jimmy Pe’s Insomnia

JimmyGergazThe man Jimmy Pe is at is again, and this time for an entire 14 track LP! When you look at his body of work you understand that this album is a culmination of great tunes that you’d expect. His last EP, from last September, was on of my favorites and the fact that he had more material, and enough for 14 tracks, well that was all I needed.

This album is so fantastic that for me to pick only three tunes to show you was the hardest part. I could have gone obscure future beats and detailed some of the latter part of the album, or taking a song from the first 5, one from the middle 5 and 1 from the remaining 4 tunes just to show that indeed I had listened to the album. But no. I have listened to the album in its entirety a few times now and I am putting below the three tunes I’ve enjoyed the most thus far. To say I have not enjoyed the other 11 tunes though, would, be false and irresponsible and defaming to my character…not to be too defensive or over the top or anything. But yeah this entire thing has been a joy to listen to over and over again.

So enjoy the three tunes below, two of which feature vocalists (you all know by now that I really dig the vocals), and the third features the goodness of sina., who has been a favorite of mine for awhile as well.

Grab the album (HERE), follow Jimmy Pe (Soundcloud, Facebook), and show him and his great Gergaz label some love.

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