Welcome To Doggtown Indeed!

Doggtown, my peoples…Doggtown. You know I beat the drum for the awesome Dutch scene (SEE?), and Doggtown, like the Gravy crew from South Africa, makes it easy for me to follow some of the est producers in that scene. Doggtown is a collection of dope artists from Holland that deal in many different styles, but as this compilation shows, they are all so so dope.

So who is Doggtown? Well I detailed them HERE, but in case you missed, they are a collective of sorts, as well as a label who are dedicated to promote each other through their own releases, as well as provide each other with collab’s, remixes and whatever other support an artist in a horribly underappreciated scene needs doing. Made up of Ganz, Subp Yao, Boeboe, Guerilla Speakerz, and BeauDamian, this collection is one of those beasts that is already formidable. But I can see it growing in size, acquiring dopeness as it rumbles through the Dutch countryside picking up producers and laying waste to the music scene in it’s wake.

I’ve given you three tunes below that details how diverse and dope the tracks are, so the next logical step is to go cop the compilation (HERE) and give Doggtown a follow (Official Site, Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter) to keep up with them. Following the artists on their own is advisable as well. There is no weak link, people.

GANZ – Grind Hard by Doggtown Records

Boeboe & Subp Yao – Clappin’ by Doggtown Records

Guerilla Speakerz & BeauDamian – Babyhead by Doggtown Records

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