Three Pack Of Tunes From Rumtum, Ruddy P, and Elaksi

RumtumIntroIt’s Saturday, not Sunday, I understand that. And I realize that after listening to these sexy tunes you might wonder why I’ve gone this route instead of posting these on Sundays when the sexy jams usually flow forth. But these tunes could not wait til Sunday Sexy. Tunes from producers you all know from reading our blog and they’ve released tunes all within 24 hours of each other. As a consumer/fan when this happens, it is so awesome! As a blogger though, it’s a headache as I can’t write up all of the flowery prose they and their tunes deserve in a timely manner. So hopefully you (and they) understand and forgive me for that.

So Elaksi drops his tune one that takes a worn Rusko sample and turns it into some really great chilled out and quite sexy trap sounds that he is so so good at. You must get to know this guy and give him a follow on his Soundcloud, and Facebook to keep up with all of the goodness.

Then, there is RuddyP remixing the now classic How To Dress Well tune and doing it just how he always knows how to do. So chill and so sexy clean RuddyP never disappoints. Seriously…never. RuddyP (Soundcloud, Facebook) goes down with this tune to the point where even if you’re not with someone you love, this makes you go out and find that one. I mean this is a serious threat to calling an ex and forgetting how shitty they were. Dangerous and awesome power this tune.

Last but definitely not least, there’s the homey Rumtum. The man who is as talented as he is awesome as a person. And if you know either of those sides, then you know that’s an immense amount. Rumtum’s tune may not be the type of sexy you envision with the first two tunes, but it’s a different kind. OWhere the others were of the sultry, steamy variety, Rumtum’s awesome tune is of the happy, frolicking nature. Rumtum (Soundcloud, Facebook) is always throwing down the goodness and he does so here as well. Get to know guys, seriously.

Shining by Elaksi

Words I Don’t Remember (Ruddyp Refix) by Ruddyp

Floating Into by rumtum

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