Three Pack Of Sunday Grooves From -Peekaboo-, SevnthWonder, & WTCHDCTR

peekabooYour Sunday has been overcast and probably cold if you’re anywhere in the US.  What you need now, besides a nice warm blanket, some comfy house slippers and a nice steaming cup of tea/coffee/cocoa is some luscious tunes to heat up your soul as well.  So now we have -Peekaboo-, SevnthWonder, and WTCHDCTR to offer some nuggets to do just that.

-Peekaboo- (Soundcloud, Facebook) may be a new name for you.  The same man who had an insanely long producer name (Diadainconsupertrafra!) shortened it to -Peekaboo- which is so much easier to say.  And his music was good then, and now it’s taken a s further step up in quality.  The tune below, ‘Raymi’, is one of those joints that is almost Tycho-eque in it’s use of atmosphere and slightly bending synths surrounding a wonderful beat that is as subtle as it is complex.  With the great usage of water droplet samples, you have a great soundtrack for your next hike.

Raymi by -Peekaboo-

Sundays seem to be perfect for SevnthWonder.  His intermittent SevnthSunday series (yes they are back and great as ever) produces this great tune, a remix of Mincha’s tune “Lovin”, and if you think you liked SevnthWonder (Soundcloud, Facebook) before, get a load of this remix to re-stoke those fires.  And for Mincha (Soundcloud, Facebook), if you hadn’t heard the name before, you will dig the sounds on his page as well.

Mincha – Lovin’ (SevnthWonder Remix) by SevnthWonder

Then there’s WTCHDCTR, the dude who labors away at the wonderful chill trap in his lab up int he cold ebvirons of Calgary.  The warmth that radiates from every one of his tunes, though, is a reminder that while the snow falls all around, the beats and tunes aren’t always as chill and impersonal.  WTCHDCTR (Soundcloud, Facebook) knows what he’s doing and this remix of Lotus Project is just another example in a long line of dope tunes in his catalogue.

Lotus Plaza – Come Back (WTCHDCTR remix) by WTCHDCTR

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