Three Pack From Uhl, DNte, And Capibara

AndreUhlThere are many times that artists we follow drop tracks on the regular that we love and give back to you. But there are also artists who drop tracks once a month or even more infrequently that might get lost in the shuffle or maybe even forgotten about. So when they do drop a tune it’s with great pleasure that I listen and see what they have been up to since I last caught them.

Andre Uhl, DNte, and Capibara have all released some tunes in the past week that all deserve some attention and some praise. They are different vibes from each other, but they all show the talents and vibes their respective artists are so good at exhibiting.

Uhl (Soundcloud, Facebook), for example keeps that low subtle sub grumbling deepness in this remix that he showed and hooked me with way back last April (HERE).  This remix shows that while his sound has evolved, the darker feelings of his tracks still shine through.  But this tune should not be looked at s a darker tune or dirge.  It’s juxtaposition with the vocals from the original take it from alley shadow skirting into the brightly lit street beyond.

Lonski & Classen – Sore Song (André Uhl Remix) by André Uhl

DNte’s new tune is a remix of Hungarian songstress Takats Eszter and it is also a tune that exhibits the slightly off-kilter style DNte is so good at displaying. it’s a little off, but not wonky, so much as it is dark and twisted in a fun house kind of way. Working with this vocalist is another example of how this wonderful Hungarian producer, now based in Germany can work with originals, remixes or vocalists and turn his work into some fine spun gold. DNte (Soundcloud, Facebook) is always somethign different with every tune and sometimes within the same tune you catch little items that might have passed you by the first listen or two.

Nem Is Idegen (Dnte Remix) by Takáts Eszter

Then we have Capibara (Soundcloud, Facebook), the dope producer out of Italy that is used to using washed out sound to accentuate his wonderful synth and perc work. He’s a producer who hasn’t featured prominently on the blog, but that does not make him any less good or engaging. He’s just missed us for some reason or another and I’m glad we hooked up with him when we did, because this tune is the goodgood. It is a little different in feel from his past works, but I really dig it.

Mosh Pit by Capibara

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