THiNK Tank Weekend Dump #1

carouselEvery week our main man THiNK trawls Soundcloud and other music repositories to find the dopest of tunes. Problem is our main man THiNK is a man of little words, which works as a selector, but not so much as a bog writer. Therefore in order to utilize this man’s great ear for the goodgood musics we will summarize the tunes he throws on our Facebook page throughout the week prior for you all to enjoy in a consolidated format. We will be doing this on a weekly basis so keep checkin back on the weekends for these picks. And if you want to get onto these tunes as they drop, keep it locked to our Facebook page for the real time posts.


Without further ado the music!





Artist – Sh?m
Track – Blossom (Extended edit)
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Like Thriftworks & Insightful had a baby

Blossom (Extended edit) by Sh?m

Artist – Joe Ford
Track – Neon
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Super silky synths

Joe Ford – Neon (Out Now) by Joe Ford dnb

Artist – Evil Needle
Track – HW&W Mix #11
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Evil Needle pops this 90’s Hip Hop mix that brings out what us old-timers loved about the Golden Age era of hip hop

HW&W Mix #11: Evil Needle – Back To The 90s by HW&W Recordings

Artist – Esta
Track – Carousel
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Plain solid goodness

Carousel. by esta.

Artist – Invention
Track – Changeling
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Magic, pure and simple

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