SXSW Thursday With Street Ritual And All That Bass!

StreetRitualThursThe past couple of days we have been highlighting shows (Tuesday, Wednesday) we are partnered up with and are going to be reppin at during SXSW.  We’ve made it up to Thursday and now it’s time to show you guys what kind of shenanigans we will be at as well as where you should be at.  And if you are nowhere near SXSW, well we will show you some artists you need to see the next time they roll through your town.

So Street Ritual and Vinyl as has been the common theme, are putting up some amazing acts this Thursday night f the quintessential Street Ritual vibe and sound.  Stylust Beats, KnightRiderz, BOGL, MEoW, and RYURY will be throwing down with a Special Guest rolling through at some point.  And that special guest, is going to be fantastic.

You know Stylust Beats (exclusive!) and Knight Riderz (Interview!) if you’ve read the blog for any period of time, but the other acts might not be as well known.  BOGL, MEoW, and RYURY all from the Bay Area have been lighting up dance floors on the West Coast with their electrifying mixes and dance floor igniting sets.  They’ll be setting the stage on Thursday for the Knight Riderz, Stylust Beats, and Special Guest so nicely as the wonderful Vinyl venue will be throbbing and absolutely going ape through the entire show.  If you want to get down, get here for this one.

So as a sample of what you can expect from the acts, check out the tunes below.


Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Knight Riderz Bootleg Remix) by Knight Riderz

Never Fall Mix by BOGL

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