Soulection and Street Ritual Making Moves

SoulRitualLet’s talk Soulection, shall we?  I think everyone who reads this blog knows who they are and for great reason.  They are a label and a collective that captures some of the best in the future rnb, future soul, future beats game and continue to go strong.  You might have noticed that we don’t post much Soulection works and thats not because we don’t like them, but rather the artists don’t need Waxhole’s help or voice.  Their machine is adequate and present enough that any exposure we give would just be piling on.  We don’t want to be small just to be small, but we do like highlighting the smaller artists of the scene, and that’s how and why you all read…at least I think that’s why? And plus, they know Waxhole loves them and supports them in everything they do, so one love to all involved.

But now Soulection (Soundcloud, Facebook) will be, after just three years in existence, coming to SXSW en masse and taking over a few showcases.  This one, though, on Tuesday as the Interactive portion dies down and the Music portion starts heating up is good enough to be a Saturday showcase.  Saturdays for those who have not been to SXSW are where the big huge mega showcases happen.  But during the week is when the musicheads make hey.  Weekdays show thinner crowds and easier access (and free drinks!) and venues that by Friday night will be overrun by all of the industry people and whatnots.  That makes Tuesday’s show with the Soulection crew that much better!

This show is being hosted by Street Ritual and Vinyl (as is a host of other shows we’ll be detailing for the next few days) and it brings together the laidback SoCal vibes with the bass heavy Bay Area Street Ritual team.  Who says we can’t all get along?  This showcase brings together some Soulection heavyweights as well.  LAKIM, ESTA., are the artist heavyweights, with Andre Power and Joe Kay, the label runners repping the Soulection fam.  Then with Austin native Boom Baptist, whose beats are always so dope, and Le Moti whose funk will definitely jive with the Soulection flavor, you have some really great diversity in one showcase.  Diversity without divergence is key here.  While they all have their own style and sound, they all will appeal to those fans of all things Soulection.

For a sample of the artists you’ll hear, check out a new one from LAKIM off of his stellar EP ‘This Is Her’, ESTA. a new random beat he likes to drop on us like the bombs they are, and Boom Baptist’s remix of fellow Austin artists Keeper of which he also added production work for their DubAcademy remix project (HERE).

Keeper-Bad Doctor (BoomBaptist Remix) by BoomBaptist

ThankYou by esta.

Angel’s Dance | “This Is Her” (Out Now via Soulection) by LAKIM

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