Sonlux Giving That Alternative Goodness

SonluxSonLux, the enigmatic genius behind the wonders of his own vocals fronting those haunting production that is so magical with every listen.  Sometimes powerful, sometimes dark, but every time so powerful and emotive.  He is an artist who you can’t listen to without feeling SOMEthing.  Very rare in this market, and now he’s given us some newness to chomp on.

Always looking to give some alternate versions out of tunes of his, he’s thrown down an entire EP of alternate versions (Buy it HERE).  Employing Lorde for one of them (plus Busdriver for a past version), he’s reworked his own tunes and given us alternates of greatness that turn out to be still more greatness.

I’d normally expound upon his greatness, but oh well you really need to do your own homework and dig in all your own.  Soundcloud and Facebook are your best bets, and if this is a new artist for you, well listen, and enjoy the ride.  So much goodness in every single tune.

Alternate World (Alternate Age) by sonlux

Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde by sonlux

Build A Pyre (Begin Again) by sonlux

Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying) by sonlux




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