Snubluck Remixes Eest Coast (Exclusive Premier)

eestcoastluckShoeboxx Recordings, the good good dudes out of Denver, are releasing a remix pack of Eest Coast’s wonderful tune ‘My Luv’ next week, and gave us the opportunity to Premier Snubluck’s remix for you to stream prior to the release.  You know we love everything about Shoeboxx, so when the word came down that a remix pack was coming, well we were stoked.  Then to find out that the main man Snubluck was doing a remix, well that was just too good to be true.

For the tune at hand, Snubluck has taken the original tune and added a modicum of stank to it. Not bass stank, or grime stank, but his own kind of chopped up and off-beat stank that we;ve come to know and love from the man out of Denver. It’s a great take on a wonderfully chill and sexy original that doesn’t bore you and doesn’t stray too close to the original.

So check out the tune and then keep tabs on Shoeboxx (Soundcloud, Facebook) for the release of the entire pack next week.  There are some really great artists doing remixes and big time Waxhole faves as well.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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