sAuce Gettin Busy

HyphasaucesAuce is a dope producer from Denver who I’ve been following for a long while and while the releases haven’t always been free flowing, every time he drops a tune it’s so great to pick up. These past few weeks, he’s been busy.  Since he dropped a great tune on our Chilled Wax Compilation, he has been steady workin in the lab.

The most recent project of the sAuce man is a two track EP off of Muti Music that pairs sAuce with Hypha, another quite dope producer.  The first tune below is the second tune from that EP and gives you as much bass as your face can handle.  Bringing in the services of DuBuddha, this tune grabs you by the cockles and doesn’t let you go.  Yeah, I said “cockles”.  What of it?

The next two tunes showcase a dope three track EP (1 original, and 2 remixes) of an old Spankinz tune ‘Love Spank’, and released also on Muti Music.  Again bringing in the man Hypha to do a remix, as well as Dubvirus, this tidy three pack of tunes also gets that bass face engaged, without flipping tables and elbowing the poor hooper trying to do her thing in the corner. But wait, I said the original was old, and clocking in from 2012, you listen and do not believe it’s that old. It sounds as good today as it probably did back then 2 years ago.

Check out Muti Music (Soundcloud, Facebook) for both of these EP’s (as well as their other dope releases), and by all means give sAuce (Soundcloud, Facebook), Spankinz (Soundcloud), DubVirus (Soundcloud, Facebook), and Hypha (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow, and show them some love! That’s a lot of homework for you, but I know you can do it!

Hypha, sAuce & DuBuddha – Royal Keef by Muti Music

Spankinz – Love Spank by Muti Music

Spankinz – Love Spank (Dubvirus Remix) by Muti Music

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