Riding The Bus With Street Ritual

StreetBusPosterLet’s talk about buses, shall we?  Not your standard run of the mill city buses though. No, I’m talkin big ol’ open topped double decker buses, outfitted with a sound system, a DJ Booth and so many good vibes.  Rolling through the streets of Austin with bangin music, bangin people and bangin vibes is awesome in it’s own right.  But floating through the SXSW madness as the waves of music lovers, industry peoples and annoyed Austinites eddy and flow around you as you look from above takes that awesomeness to a whole new level.

Yesterday we mentioned Street Ritual and Vinyl’s list of shenanigans (HERE) and while that is so great in and of itself, they (along with CanWeNetwork) are also offering 6 days of double decker bus fun with tons of awesome artists who will be blasting their wonderful musics into the Austin air.  Hovering above the cacophany as you do on the roof of a bus, the music seems to be destined just for your ears.  The throng below follows sometimes like mice to the Pied Piper and you have a travelling party both above and below.  It’s truly one of those Bucket List activities you have to do.  And because there are 6 days of this fun, well you can do it over and over again!

So check out the full event HERE, RSVP HERE and check some of the below artists for a sampling of the goodness that will be pouring that good good music into your ears.

FREE DOWNLOAD! A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problems (Truth Remix) ft Drake, 2Chainz & Kendrick Lamar by Truth

Cutty Ranks – LIMB X LIMB (Pigeon Hole RMX) hit “buy” link for free DL by Pigeon Hole

Ra (the Sun)- Human Experience Remix by Knowa

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