Nanpa Noir Ends With a Million

aaliyamillonA few weeks ago we introduced you to the dude known as Nanpa Noir (HERE), with his wonderful project called ‘Mill√≥n’, and today, he’s dropped his third tune from the project getting really smoothe and chill with this tune ‘One In A Million’ adding an atmosphere to the tune that was never there in the original.

Ethereal, and breathy, this working of Aaliyah is one that makes her loss more poignant. Listening to this, remembering her as an artist, you can get a little choked up. But for those who either did not know of her back in the day, or were never really a big fan, this re-work is more than just an Aaliyah homage. This one is a great tune that will make you feel whatever it is you are feeling at the moment 10 times stronger.

So clock this tune, go cop the download and the other two tunes (HERE), and give Nanpa Noir a follow (Soundcloud, Twitter)

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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