Muti Music & Street Ritual Give You That SXSW Bass Face

StreetMutiSo what usually happens on your Wednesdays?  Right in the middle of your school or work week and the end is close, but not nearly close enough, this day usually drags and drags.  This upcoming Wednesday, however, will be on the dope tip, if of course you happen to be at SXSW.  Street Ritual and The Untz bring you a Muti Music showcase (HERE), once again at the awesome Vinyl club.

Muti Music has always been a label that we’ve followed closely and featured many of their artists and releases.  The premier bass label from the West Coast have released music from so many dope artists and continue that trend today.  You might ask yourself why one dope West Coast bass label (Muti) might be playing at a show put on by another dope West Coast bass label (Street Ritual).  The answer to that is that there is so much good music coming from that scene that there is a need for another label.  There is room at the table for both and if you like bass, well following these two labels will have you sorted.  The fact that they are all one big family also helps.  When you’ve been part of the scene for so long as Dov and Knowa have been, well it was inevitable that they remain close and a part of each others success.

This showcase will highlight some of those artists like sAuce (Muti), Nico Luminous (Muti/Street Ritual), Pumpkin (Street Ritual), Knowa Lusion (Street Ritual/Muti) and Dov (Muti/Street Ritual) and give you a serious case of Bass Face all night long.  Now, if you’ve followed us you’ll know about NicoLuminous, and sAuce, and if you don’t know much about Pumpkin, Dov, or Knowa Lusion, well that’s our fault.  All great bass musicians and great peoples, you need to know them and follow.  Granted Dov and Knowa have not been putting out tunes on the regular as they are focusing on business matters more these days, but when they drop a tune or mix, you best be picking them up.

As has been the tradition with these posts, I’ve included some tunes below that represent the sounds you’ll hear at this event, as well as a bonus Nico mix from a few months ago. By no means is this an exhaustive list because to be fair, each of these artists has so much music in their back catalogue they could play for days!

Dov – Eclipse (Extended MIx) by Dov


The Mowgli’s – San Francisco (Pumpkin Remix) by Pumpkin


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