Losco & Soulection Combine For White Label Goodness

loscoSo Losco, a group of four producers who first appeared on the blog (HERE) right after their debut EP ‘XXXX” exploded onto the scene like a damned bob from the Andromeda Galaxy. That EP showed us that this foursome from Belgium were no joke. Then word came down that they were working on an EP for Soulection and the interest went from completely stoked to overly excited. Yeah the excitement levels were no joke. But, as told in confidence, this excitement could not escape so I held it in for awhile and now that it’s official I can finally exclaim and share it to you all.

The 4 track EP continues that stanky trap beat you loved so much from XXXX and even adds some chiller tunes to the mix. It’s a great way to get your fix of some dank beats and some melodic trap as well. The EP shows that these cats are not just trap beats, but can make that melodic stuffs too. If you listen to their stuff from before ‘XXXX’ you will see that they have other styles they make music in and excel in. These guys can do many genres and when quality is had by all, it doesn’t matter what kind of sound you gravitate to, they have you covered.

So when you take a listen, and you enjoy, go grab the EP free of charge courtesy of the good good folks of Soulection. They not only bring the fire with their official releases, but their White Label series is the dopeness as well. And as for Losco, give them a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) to not only keep up with their future doings, but also to enjoy all that they’ve done in the past.


Losco – Scriptina by SOULECTION

Losco – Charge by SOULECTION

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