Kappa Kavi Kills It (As Usual)

KappaDrakeBeen following the melodic Kappa Kavi for a minute now, and he just does not fail to impress, with each and every new track. I have no idea what “Chokoreto Rabu” means, but it sort of reminds me of Chocobos from the old Final Fantasy games. So yeah, who doesn’t dig a little chocobo action? Here’s the free download. Much love to Kappa Kavi (Soundcloud, Facebook).

Included his Drake flip in here for an added bonus. Also, it is a free download. HAZZAH!

Chokoreto Rabu (Buy = Free Download ) by ♥KAPPA KAVI♥

Drake – Best I Ever Had (Kappa’s Jersey Flip)(CLICK BUY FOR FREE DOWNLOAD) by ♥KAPPA KAVI♥

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