John LaMonica Machines EP (The Remixes!)

LamonicaRemixesJohn LaMonica has always been a favorite of the blog whether his work with various and sundry Project Mooncircle artists or with his full blown bad ass Robots Don’t Sleep project with Robot Koch, he’s always been a part of tracks that have been straight up fire. So when he dropped his EP, entitled ‘Machines’ it was nothing short of awesome and I knew that I wanted to unleash some of our favorite artists onto the EP and see what they could do with it. The result has been fantastic and every remix that has been handed back has been oh so good. In an effort to keep you all interested and intrigued, we will be dropping a remix once a week free of charge for you to download and enjoy.

Hailing from Japan, Notuv first popped onto our radar with his low and texture laden chill tunes and with this dope EP off of Enig’matik, he solidified himself as one to fully keep an eye out for. Glitchy, without overdoing it, chill without being sleepy, and so so good through and through, Notuv was one who leaped out as an artist who needed to be in on this project.

He was very gracious in providing not only a great tune, but an 8 minute one at that! So give this a listen, give Notuv a follow (Official Site, Soundcloud) and keep an eye out for more remixes to come!

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