Getting Down On This Ruff Draft Reminder

RufferDraftRuff Draft is a dude who makes some really great tunes, and he just dropped a few in the past few days.  One, a MF Doom flip, and one for FeelinMusic, a Swiss based beats focused label that also calls the homey BoomBaptist as one of its roster.  So right there you know they mean business.  The tune Ruff Draft provided them also revamped Ruffin’s Soundcloud where he has uploaded his past EP’s for our streaming enjoyment.  This revamp reminded me of his EP, ‘Theories of Translation’, and why I started following him in the first place.

The two tunes below from that EP underscore just how great the release was, and paired with the most recent tune, ‘Gutter Roze’, well you see really quickly how this producer just keeps bringing the goodness.

Check Ruff Draft out (Soundcloud, Facebook), and pick up that EP of his (HERE).

RUFF DRAFT – Gutter Roze by Feelinmusic

The Lorelei Signal by RUFF ÐR∆FT

Eight BitterCritter (feat Dibia$e) by RUFF ÐR∆FT

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