Fallgrapp Gets Lovely With Rieka

RieksaThe Gergaz Label is becoming one of those destination labels that I try to follow as closely as possible for every release because the past couple of releases (Beat Garden, FVLCRVM, and Jimmy Pe) have been so solid.  Another reason is because it exposes me to dope music from an area of the world where I am not the most knowledgeable.  With it’s base in Slovakia, the label has released music from the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and all points eastern Europe.  Talking to many producers who tour through that part of the world always comes back raving about Romania and Slovakia and Croatia being really great parties for their shows so it makes sense that the producer scene would follow.

So when Gergaz releases an album it is a great way to learn about these scenes as well as get to hear some wonderful tunes.  This release is from Fallgrapp, or Juraj Lureski from Slovakia.  The album (HERE) is not your ordinary electronic release where sampled vocals and instruments make up the majority of the sounds and textures.  Sure there are those instrumentals, but most of the album features violin, vocals and even some hip hop elements. The tunes all have the wonderful production from Fallgrapp and explores so many textures and sounds as well as atmospheres that coupled with the vocals could either be dark or happy all the time just so pleasing to those who love production, or vocals…or both!

You get so much with this release that when you add it to your collection you have something that will fit many different moods or settings. Grab the album HERE, give Fallgrapp a follow (Soundcloud), and give the Gergaz label a follow as well (Official Site, Soundcloud)

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