Enjoying Majestic Man Mantis Dimensions

ManMantisIILast month I wrote a good bit on Man Mantis (HERE), and he’s given us his second installment of Majestic Dimensions has come.  Instead of drawing out his fans’ thirst for more Man Mantis after his first EP dropped, he’s given us the follow=up in due order.  Lovely chap, eh?  But the fact that this EP follows up on the first one with the luscious music was a given.  This is no concept album where EP 1 was one vibe and EP 2 is another, these two could be put together (and should!) and enjoyed back to back to get a good dosing of some Man Mantis goodness.

This EP features a vocalist, as the first EP featured a rapper.  It’s one of those things that seems to fit Mantis so so well.  Either vocalist medium, he excels working with.  Either vocal medium he should do more work with.  Three tunes below show the good vibes this EP holds and three tunes below to convince you that you should cop the EP forthwith (HERE).  And if you want the fourth tune (you mos certainly do) then yeah go to the Bandcamp and check it.

Following Man Mantis (Soundcloud) is a great idea as well!

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