ImaginaryDRRTYWULVZ has been a name many of our electronic community here in Austin has known for a bit.  Young, but performing in the scene for a fair few years now, this producer has been making a name for himself, especially after his great Art Outside set, with those in the scene.  The past year he also started really focusing on his production and it has shown with him having a few EP’s worth of tunes and remixes galore. This EP he just dropped on the label, though, is a wonderful set of tunes that I’ve heard both in my headphones and in a live festival setting.  This collection works so so well in either setting.

Some who might know DRRTYWULVZ, Levi Witt to his friends, or his style know that he really loves the Kalya Scintilla and Desert Dwellers psydub type stuff, so when listening to this EP they might get a little confused as to who exactly they are listening to.  But when you have the technical chops of Witt, any genre or sound is within your limits and producing quality is a given.

Getting to know Levi in the past year has shown me how great he is as a person as well.  He’s the type of producer who reminds me every day that this community is chock full of great people, who, oh by the way, produce some dope as hell music. Makes supporting these guys/ladies so much easier.

Below you will see three of my favorite tunes from the EP and ones that showcase what you will hear with the album. The tune ‘Rise’ was the first one to hit my waxholes and when I heard the Tycho undertones I knew this was going to be a great EP. And listening to the other tunes, I was not disappointed.

So give these tunes a listen, go grab them for however much you want to contribute (HERE), and give DRRTYWULVZ a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook). Believe me, he has much more in store for you all.


4. Throttle by DRRTYWULVZ

5. Lullaby by DRRTYWULVZ

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