Cream Rising With XXTRAKT

xxtractThe cream will always rise to the top, and Cream Collective always reminds us of that.  XXTRAKT (Soundcloud, Facebook), a savvy duo from Brighton have shown their diversity with “Hold Me.”  The track starts with big sweeping synths and chill tones, but what it leads into will leave you mind blown.  The build up and drop in this tune are magnificent and unique.  The dichotomy of sounds in this song between how it begins and how hard it hits is truly a feat of modern music.  Even though it sounds like this song could possibly be made into 3 or 4 different tunes all together, each different piece lends to the overall feel and composition of the song making it truly original and new.

These guys have done it with this track, make sure to check out “Hold Me,” from XXTRAKT via Cream Collective.

Posted By: Skeems

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