CloZee Comes With Ghosts

LamonicaRemixesCloZee not long ago released a great two tune EP on our label as our first release. As an artist who we’ve been with since the early day and as an artist who has grown with each and every release since, she’s a favorite of mine and the bog as well. As a favorite, we ask her for things, because well, we always wonder how her great sound and ability would tackle a remix or a genre or just a release in general.

When the John LaMonica remix pack opportunity presented itself, CloZee was one of the first artists asked to participate. As the remixes started to come in it was clear that CloZee came to hers with a good smattering of what has been inspiring her of late. Glitch is still her bread and butter, but the more chill, emotive style has been seeping into her productions, and I can’t be mad at that.

Picking the tune “Ghost’ from LaMonica’s EP, just as Notuv has, she gives the vocals a bit of a different twist and gives the tune as powerful a feel as the original, if not more sharp. LaMonica’s original was a stark, poignant affair and is pretty telling that many of the artists chose this tune to remix.

So enjoy this remix, enjoy the original, and give CloZee a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook). She has so much coming and it’s exhilarating watching and hearing her grow.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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