Bronze Whale & Libations & Oscillations Combine For Magic

BWLOThere are a lot of artists that the blog has immense love for, and a few are from the great city of Austin where HQ is located.  Two of those artists, Bronze Whale and Libations & Oscillations, did something all of us fans of both have been wanting for so long.  They combined not as remixer/remixee, but as joint remixers.  Combining forces on one tune is seriously such a good thing.  Between the 4 producers who make up the two groups the production knowledge that they all have combined is round 35-40 years.  Experience, maturity of sound and technique, as well as just a general ability to produce bad-ass groovin and dancing tunes is a perfect storm that produces, as we see below, some downright excellence.

So the tune, a remix of a downtempo pop song, they’ve turned it into a ass grooving track that incorporates melodic trap, a little bit of glitch, a little bit of bass, and a whoe lot of awesome.  The two duos in everything they do always shows small pieces of the various styles each member enjoys or is influenced by.  Combining the 4, though, and for someone in tune with the two duos, you can pick out little elements of each of the four and their sounds and styles.  It’s an awesome experience for a longtime fan, and if you’re just getting introduced, it’ a wonderful way to say hi.

So get to know, and get to following Bronze Whale (Soundcloud, Facebook), and Libations & Oscillations (Soundcloud, Facebook), and show them all some lovin’s.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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