Amplicity Does Bieber So Nice (Waxhole Exclusive!)

BeatSkeetAmplicity is a name you’ve seen around the Waxhole site for a bit now.  He first burst onto the blog with his dope Ciara remix, then he was good enough to do a Waxhole mix for us, and these days he helps out as a contributor, lending his ear and words to the tunes that strike his fancy and makes the producer in him say DAMN!  He is a producer, first and foremost, though, and he’s always on the lookout for making some great tunes and beats and he has a few he’s been working on lately.  Instead of sitting on them to release in a methodical robot fashion once a week or month, he’ll drop them once a day for the next five days.  When this week is either Spring Break or Mid-Terms week (sorry you guys), or business as usual down at the salt mines, you need these tunes in your life and in your arsenal.  Guaranteed to seal the deal or get it started, these tunes will have you proper sorted.

So let’s look at this tune here, the first track from the Beat Skeet series.  Taking Justin Bieber and making it sound drippy droppy sexy clean it makes all of us straight males feel a little weird getting down to this Bieber remix.  But guys.  Seriously.  Embrace the Biebs.  This tune is a sexy joint and will do wonders for your exploits.

So give Amplicity a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) to not only follow the series, but to see what else he has in his back catalogue.  If this is your first encounter with Amplicity, well you have some homework to do to catch up.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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