3 Pack of Sexytime Jams From Eagles For Hands/Sivu, AbJo, & Kxngs

AbjoooOhh Sunday.  You know, the day that signals the end of your weekend or the beginning of your epic Spring Break.  This Sunday is a bit different than others, but we’ll keep that sexy vibe going, because it’s always the time for that.  Always. So three tunes you want, or need or your Sunday from Eagles For Hands, AbJo, and Kxngs gives you three different types of sexiness.  All jams, though, these tunes will have you sorted til the week officially arrives.

This Kxngs joint is a serious banger for those slow burn affairs you always find yourself jammin on repeat no matter the occasion or job.  And of this is the first time you’ve heard of Kxngs (Soundcloud, Facebook) well then you’ve been missing out.  He’s got so much goodness that this tune is just another gem in the collection. This one, though, is a big bright shining gem. So nice.

Then, it’s Eagles For Hands and his collab with Sivu as they remixed/covered a Stornoway tune ‘Farewell Appalachia’. This one is a bit different than maybe you’d expect from EFH, but it’s so damned good, it doesn’t matter what you were expecting. Eagles For Hands (Soundcloud, Facebook) always brings it and this one is no different.

Last but not least it’s AbJo and his dope flip of White Noise with the wonderful MNEK. And to think AbJo has done this to give to you on his birthday. Shouldn’t it be the other way though? Whatever the case, this dude, one of the dopest producers on the Soulection roster is always pushing out the dope remixes and flips. Whether taking on The Pharcyde or BustaRhymes he has great taste in the subjects he chooses, and then he knocks the remixes out of the park. But lest you think he’s just a remixstraordinaire, he has the wonderful originals as well, just take a look (HERE).

Enjoy and follow all of these artists.

Done Talking by Kxngs

EFH VS SIVU – Farewell Appalachia by Eagles For Hands

WHTNSE (MNEK X White Noise Flip) by AbJo

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