Virgin Minds Want To Make You Cry

Virgin Minds - Make You Cry - EP - coverVirgin Minds is alive!  The duo out of France burst onto the scene back in the fall of 2012 with their dope tune ‘It’s Always My Fault” and a few more tunes later, by the spring of 2013 it all went a bit quiet.  Or for those like me who had been entranced by the enigmatic and mysterious duo, a lot dark.  It’s the cruelest joke to come out of the gates with bomb after bomb and then just disappear.  But that is what happened and now they are back with a three track EP and at three tracks it’s tidy, it’s compact and it’s great.

The first tune features Echo and gives you that sound that you first fell for back in ’12 and reminds you why you waited on them for so long.  The lovesteppy vocal chops and pitching wraps you in that familiar, yet bright and shiny comfy blanket of future beats goodness.  The third track is a little more chill, a little less of the older sound and little of the newer sund.  Dancing that fine line of holding onto their older sound yet involving their evolved production makes it still so very very good.  Oh you noticed I skipped the second track?  Well, I had to get you to go check out and download the EP somehow, right?  So go do that (HERE) and give the guys a follow on their Soundcloud, and Facebook to get onto what they’re bringing in 2014.

Make You Cry (feat. Echo) by Virgin Minds

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