Vagabond With That LU Love

VagabondFollowing a producer, especially a young one, is always an adventure. You just never know what you’re going to get from one release to another. That’s the allure, obviously, especially if, like me, you like your artists to always be evolving and experimenting. So when Vagabond (Soundcloud, Facebook) dropped his EP ‘LU’ I was keen to dig in. I wasn’t prepared for the first tune of the EP, though. I expected it to be quality, but the first tune “Losing The Shame” is just too good. So good for another person that they uploaded a video (HERE) to it just hours after the EP was released.

So after enjoying ‘Losing The Shame’ immensely I moved onto the rest of the EP to enjoy. The wonderful slowburn atmosphere, and vocal chops that ran through the first tune don’t make it to the second tune ‘LU’, but the tune is great nonetheless. It’s a more upbeat affair, an almost euphoric tune that brings you out of any bad or depressing spot and by the end you’re ready to do it all over again. The third tune, ‘Happiness’, makes use of a Florence And The Machine sample and is pitched so low, and interspersed with an almost macabre production you aren’t sure what EP you’re listening to. It’s quality, don’t get me wrong, just a starkly different feel. The concluding tune brings back the feel of ‘LU’ in that it is a happy tune and the piano somehow concludes the EP nicely and fittingly somehow.

This EP is like the 4 stages of a weekend affair with a long distance relationship. The first tune is the sexy bedroom accompaniment. The second tune is the wonderful first day being together where even doing mundane things brings a smile to your face from ear to ear. The third tune represents the bittersweet feelings where knowledge that you will be apart again too soon creeps in. Then the last tune is that enjoyment of the last day you have together and one you’ll hold in your memories for the extent of the time apart.

So anyway, get after this EP, regardless of how it makes you feel, it’s a great one to have and to hold.

Losing The Shame by V A G A B O N D

LU by V A G A B O N D

Profound by V A G A B O N D

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