True Key Is Both Too Near & Too Far

True Key, the man out of the wilds of New Jersey dropped a 7 track EP off of Waxhole Records is one of those efforts that promises feeling as much as it does that deep slow burn groove.  One of those producers who doesn’t have a huge catalogue, he makes up for it in sheer quality.  And give me quality over quantity any day!

This EP is a collection of originals he’s put together in the past few months that display not only his production style, but an overall vibe of chill, with the wonderful hints and allusions to a much more party atmosphere.  This isn’t going to sleep music here.  This is put on at a lakehouse party as it draws to a conclusion to keep the party going while everyone settles down to one last toke/drink/snog before everyone hits their respective meditation spots for passing out.  The three tunes below are three of my favorites, but do not sleep on the rest of the tunes as they so deserve your time and listens.

Enjoy this tune on your ride home from work, while you’re cranking out some essays/work projects/coffee/drinks, or wherever you have headphones and a moment to disappear into True Key’s world, and enjoy the places it takes you.  The fact that these 7 tracks end way too soon is a testament about how well he draws you in with his production and gives you a musical ride where time passes without notice.

Go cop the EP (HERE) and give True Key (Soundcloud, Twitter) a follow as he is just getting started.  A new EP/LP is being getting started and in the meantime remixes will drop to keep you interested and intrigued.

Orca by True Key

I’ve Been Lying by True Key

Withering Cares by True Key

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