Three Pack Of Sexy From D.V.S*, Eest Coast, & Yyioy

Three pack of tunes for your sexy Sunday from D.V.S, Eest Coast, and YYioy for your most chill of days. You know these guys from past posts and they come correct with these tunes. One remix and two originals and you love them so good.

D.V.S* (Soundcloud, Facebook) with his remix of Disclosure and gets a little tropical with it. Sounds weird? Sounds awkward? Give it a listen and enjoy, it’s less steel drum and more vibe and then it’s Disclosure who you cannot go wrong with.

Eest Coast (Soundcloud, Facebook), the 16 year old gets sensual with this tune and makes it somewhat awkward because he’s so young. But don’t hold that against him because he throws down such great steamy tunes it just doesn’t matter.

Yyioy (Soundcloud, Facebook) the homey out of Spain, gives us a dope EP which this tune is off of (HERE).

Do Me Do U by yyioy

Disclosure- Help Me Lose My Mind (D.V.S* RMX) by D.V.S* ~

Eest Coast & Madygloom – Will You Marry Me? (Redo) by Eest Coast

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