Three Pack Of Deft Awesomeness

Deft has long been an artist that we’ve been following because of his Project Mooncircle ties. But this guy is more than just that (as are all of the artists on that outstanding label). But even though we’ve featured Deft on here before (HERE and HERE), it’s been more fleeting than he deserves. He’s been putting out goodness on the regular, and the first two tunes below hit hours apart it yesterday (with one bonus tune from back in December). So enjoy these tunes, cop the albums as they come out, and give Deft a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook).

The first tune, a remix this native of London did for fellow Brit Squelchandclap and his release coming out on Friday. The original, a bouncin’ house tune with plenty of hi hats and synth pops sounds nothing like Deft’s remix. And you know me…I prefer the deep, percussion laden future type tunes over house. So while Squelchandclap’s is a great tune in and of itself (especially for you House Heads), the remix, I love. Deft has taken some of the elements from the original and has made it a sub-heavy tune that just makes your bass-face engage and your neck start moving uncontrollably.

Arcade- Contrincante VIP (Deft Remix) by Squelchandclap

Then the remix for Ivy Lab and Waxhole favorite Emperor (since 2011!). This remix from the Ivy Lab EP coming from Critical Music on the 24th of the month (HERE). This is a clip and I hate giving you just the tip like that, but it’s so fucking good I couldn’t not post it.

Ivy Lab & Emperor – Pepper (Deft Remix) (CRIT074) by Deft

Then the bonus tune is a remix for Tom Encore and released free on XLR8R that is as drum and bass and future heavy as you could ever ask for. Deft shows why he’s one of those talents that you hold on to for as long as you can because he’ll always reward you with the great tunes.

Tom Encore – The Roach (Deft Remix) (Free @ XLR8R!) by Deft

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