Three Pack From Mosis, Daktyl, and DAILON

dailonWhen you have three producers you love drop tunes all within days of each other it’s awesome as a fan. As a blogger, though, it can get a bit hectic. So as you have seen increasingly the best way to work around this problem is to post three packs, or four packs, or even five packs if it’s getting particularly hectic so while it isn’t a normal thing, we have to do it.

When you see the names of Mosis, DAILON, and Daktyl you might have very different ideas of what you will hear, and that is fine, because they are all three so different in their styles and vibes.  But one thing they all have in common is that they are dope producers who bring the freshness every time.  They’re also all three great people as well…ok TWO things they have in common…

So yeah, get after some Mosis (Soundcloud, Facebook), some DAILON (Soundcloud, Facebook), and most definitely Daktyl (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show them all some love!

Glory Daze | FREE DL | by DAILON

fwdslxsh – 4 U (Daktyl Remix) by Daktyl.

You&Me by MOSIS

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