Three EP’s You Need Now

Sometimes we give you threepack of tunes.  And sometimes we give you entire EP reviews.  This post, though, will be a combination of both.  Three EP’s have hit recently, and all three have tunes on there you need.  Like ALL of them.  WizardBeats, Conrank, and Buku have given us some EP’s to jam to.  Some newer than others, but all three are so worth your while.

You know Buku, but you may not know Conrank, or Wizard, so if not, here’s your introductions. And just because we haven’t featured these two, does NOT mean they aren’t worth it or new to the scene. All three of these guys are such talents your followings are warranted, and definitely encouraged.

This tune off of Buku’s EP is the second tune from the EP we’ve posted (here’s the first), and there’s a third that you will need to go HERE to cop.  If these two tunes don’t  pique your interest than I’m going to have to get your pulse because a flatline would be the only reason.  Buku knows how to make the pulse jump, the necks snap, and the body quake so if you don’t know, get to know (Soundcloud, Facebook).

Buku – Down /// OUT NOW \\\ by Buku

Then we have Wizard Beats with this ace EP Winter Tan which is offered to us all for free through his Facebook (HERE).  A member of the great Cream Collective crew, he’s not just a member of a crew.  This guy drops some dopeness on the regular.  This EP is no exception.  Trap, bass, and an overall jamming vibe that persists throughout the entire EP is what you’ll get AND for free which is a win win for everyone.

Slapz by WizardBeats

And last but definitely not least, we have Conrank (Soundcloud, Facebook), the wonky trap producer who throws down this two track EP via our homies at 710 Records.  Not nearly as wonky as one might expect as this tune is straight up fire, in a minimalist sense.  Not sparse, but definitely not bloated, this tune shows a side of trap that you don’t normally see.  I, for one, enjoy it, and I know you guys will too.


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