The Last Suicide Pact

STYLSS Suicide Pact 13STYLSS has become one of my favorite names to see pop up on the variety of internet feeds I’ve got going. For the past year, alongside their weekly Sunday picks, you’ve been able to count on the Suicide Pact compilation popping up on every 13th of the month.

Following the pattern of 13’s, this thirteenth edition is the last. It’s a bitter sweet realization, but the dedication and heart put into the past year of STYLSS releases is a clear indicator of some huge potential and bigger things in the future for the label and all of the people involved, and I’m definitely excited to see what’s next.

Keep up with STYLSS on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and on the label website. Download Suicide Pact 13 Here for free or nab one of the 50 limited edition cassettes. I would post the entire album if I could, but at 24 tracks, that’d be a bit much. It was difficult to pick out just a handful of tracks to feature from such a solid compilation, but I managed to pick out a few that stood out in particular below.

Without Memories is a deep head bobber with a stringed atmosphere and eastern-influenced samples throughout. It has a solid 808 kit holding down the beat while chopped and pitched vocals create the spacey melodic bits.

Kool Trasher – Without Memories by STYLSS

Age Reform is a dark fusion many genres. It begins with dubstep and jersey-club influences, combining a deep wobble bass with the familiar jersey club kick rhythm throughout the intro while a 90’s techno rave synth plays in the upper register. Airhorns sound in the background amidst bursts of white noise, explosions, stabs almost straight out of a hardstyle song. Banger!

Age Reform – EPOCH by STYLSS

DMN SLYR and Solid Machine flip the mood with the next tune, bringing a lighter vibe with happy major chords, harp arpeggios, and chopped female vocals. Groove on.

DMN SLYR & Solid Machine – RIP by STYLSS

Sleep Thief is a deep and heavy banger with a seriously grimy bass. It’s a dark progressive tune that’s hard to even describe, but was an instant favorite for me.

Mingu – Sleep Thief by STYLSS

If you missed it, Download Suicide Pact 13 Here for free or nab one of the 50 limited edition cassettes.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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