The Gravy Crew Comes Correct A Second Time

GravycrewWhen the Gravy crew announced they were dropping their second compilation (remember their first?) I was so pumped. Another chance to listen to 10+ dope tunes from this crew I’ve been following since Day 1 as well as get exposed to new member/s (this time it was Watermark High and Grimehouse) and I am all over it. To say that I was waiting up til 3 AM the day of the release (wacky SA time zone differences!) might make me sound a bit loopy, but yeah I don’t care.  I was really looking forward to it.

And the fact that they dropped it at 4 AM my time, an hour after I went to bed, meant that it lay there marinating in it’s own awesome juices until I awakened to sample. From Sibot’s opening banger of a tune, Liver continues the romp, as does Richard the Third, all blokes I’ve posted before and numerous times at that. Hell, everyone on this compilation besides the new additions and Thor Rixon (until today!) have been featured on the blog before so you know these guys already. If not, though, give them ALL a follow. They are all dope in their own sounds, and they drop tunes on the regular.

This compilation brings together trap, bass, wonky, and groovy beats in just 11 tunes and shows the diversity of the collective and the wonderful span of genres and vibes. It’s a great group of artists from a great scene and I love watching them grow and evolve on the daily. Give the collective a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook), as well as all of the individual artists and enjoy!

*gravy002 Grimehouse – Blow Your Speakers Up by gravycrew

*gravy002 Thor Rixon – God’s Fortress Ft. Disco Izrael by gravycrew

*gravy002 liver – Off Beat Battery by gravycrew

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