Street Ritual Appreciating Art With This Exclusive Mix

You all know Austin is our backyard, our playground and our homebase.  So when things come to town like record labels featuring some of the best bass talent around, we sit up and take notice.  Street Ritual brings the Bay Area to Austin and the bass music will flow forth, not only with this mix here, but with the artists they’ll be bringing to your headphones and to the city (check out Vinyl!).  This official mix from the Street Ritual family (Soundcloud, Facebook), gives us some great artists we all know, plus some bangin remixes from Knowa Knowone himself, (one of the co-Founders) and you have a half hour of bangin bass, bouncin vies and something that’ll get you amped up for your weekend.

And for our Austin fam, check out their party happening this weekend (Details!) bringing some great artists, great noises and a helluva time  This label started in Oakland and while based there is now expanding into Austin with the Label & Booking Agency.  Representing over 65+ artists across the globe from Cali to East Coast, Canada, Australia and more, if you’ve listened to any bass music in the past year, you’ll know at least one of their artists, if not 5 or 10….or 50. At the launch party they will be premiering their new merch line, as well as having custom Street Ritual bandanas live screenprinted. And for SXSW?  They have 10, yes 10(!) Street Ritual showcases booked for SXSW 2014.  Crazy insane, but so so awesome.

So check out the mix, get out there and party with the crew and get to know.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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